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Collaborating to grow food was the beginning of civilization. You simply share what is produced without further ado. It is understood that the community, the municipality and society are a team. There are more and more organizations that are recovering unused spaces in urban and rural areas and teach how to start and maintain a community garden. Teamwork on a project is what unites people, generating collective intelligence, growing friendship and community. That gives meaning to our lives because it is a need ingrained in our nature. Working the soil can be laborious but in a group work can be fun and light. In addition, now with technology, tasks can be automated more and more. Automatic watering greatly reduces work and this can be turned on automatically also by humidity sensors. You can also put other sensors to measure the quality of the soil. Soon there will be vegetable gardens that will require very little manual labor and therefore it will be much easier to give away the harvest. A good site to learn how to automate a garden with open source technology is It is likely that there is a community garden near you, if you cannot find it with the following links, search for it with your browser or by asking your community.


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