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Free Digital Depositories

They are files that contain free digital content, movies, books, scientific articles, music, comics, etc.

Sharing is our duty, especially when it does not mean a loss for anyone because then it only generates more abundance, as is the case with sharing digital content. Economists have shown that the monopoly of intellectual property only slows down progress1) because the inventor / creator gains much more value, being able to freely access what is owned by others, than what he loses in not charging to use his creation . Since by copying and sharing we improve the lives of others without losing anything ourselves, doing so is our duty. Obviously, sellouts, whether they are people or companies, try to convince us that we have to pay for everything and do everything possible to stop the digital abundance and the progress of civilization that it entails. Luckily, we know better disobey.

Remember that for them to work, we have to contribute too. If you know of any that are not on the list, please let us know.

Digital files (anything): (torrents, shared files) (direct files, not torrents)


Scientific Publications:

Book and audio-books:


Many more at—- Powered by

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