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-====== Education ​and awareness ​====== +====== Education ====== 
-If we are to begin to operate society differently, we need strategies ​to help people become familiar with new methods. This means an updated education system ​and mass awareness campaigns.+Since we only interact with the world based on what we knowchanging what we '​know'​ is essential ​to changing our expectations ​and motivations.
-===== Education ===== 
-Thankfully, we already have a strong culture of childhood education almost everywhere in the world. Therefore it will be a relatively trivial task to introduce information into the school system outlining the pertinent operating and coping skills for an open access economy. These can include: 
-  * Fostering empathy and compassion 
-  * Critical thinking and problem solving skills 
-  * Promoting sharing and cooperation 
-  * Improving social intelligence 
-  * Understanding community and nature 
-Instilling values that promote more inclusive social behaviour and a better understanding of one's position in the community and the world will be the bedrock on which a more compassionate society can thrive. 
-===== Mass awareness ===== 
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