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Free collaboration networks

A Free Collaboration Network (FCN) is a network of people or organisations who provide free goods and services through volunteering and contributions. FCNs are considered to be vital stepping stones towards an open access economy as they help re-shape behaviour towards unconditional and implicit trading systems.

FCNs are growing in number all around the world. This directory therefore only represents a small fraction of those that exist. If you know of any not listed here, we invite you to edit the page and add it. Also, if you can't find one that you can engage with, you can consider creating your own.

There are many types, categorized here by services they provide:

Resource banks
If you need an object for a sporadic use of a few days or a weekend you can borrow it here.

Free digital repositories
Sharing of digital content.

Community workshops
Workshops that citizens can access in which there are tools and machines that they can use to make or repair things.

Gift networks
Spaces, groups or pages where people give or ask for free things.

Free food networks
Free food distribution or food sharing networks.

Community gardens
Free food production.

Land Banks
People looking for land for some activity find people who have unused land.

Free Lodging Networks
Find a place to stay to sleep anywhere on the planet.

Free Transport Networks
On land, water or air, we help each other to get from one place to another.

Service networks
Groups of people who offer free help, both consultation or manual labor.

Groups of people who get together one day to all go to help someone in the group.

Repair cafés
Meetings to help repair things.

Free education platforms
Find free courses to learn any skill or profession.

Mutual aid networks
Groups and people who create FCNs.

Universal Basic Access
Political proposal for a city council or a government to stop being corrupt looking for ways to extract value and instead generate value by making investments at the municipal or territorial level to, very economically provide accommodation, food, healthcare, education and energy , Internet, clothing, transportation to all people for free, without paperwork.

Other collections of FCNs

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