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A Swahili word that translates to the phrase, “enough is enough”. This phrase represents the sentiment of RESOURCE-BASED ECONOMY.

When we say ENOUGH, we are saying that we have had ENOUGH of the inequality that is caused, and perpetuated by capitalism.

We have had ENOUGH of poverty.

We have had ENOUGH of racism.

We have had ENOUGH of sexism.

We have had ENOUGH of incarcerations.

We have had ENOUGH of unhealthiness.

We have had ENOUGH of pollution.

When we say ENOUGH, we are also saying that we have ENOUGH resources to meet the needs of the humans on this planet. No one's needs are more important than another's.

To do this we must envision this earth as a joint inheritance to every human, and allocate accordingly. We must evolve to another kind of economy that uses the best practices discovered by our experts in the many sciences.

Inatosha members attempt to take that first step, by saving the soil and sharing its abundance. In return for this sharing, we recruit volunteer hours from those receiving so that we can further provide more abundance.

Food Is Free


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