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Global gift networks

These networks are designed to be able to join them from anywhere in the world. It is possible that there is not much activity where you live, that means that it is up to you to expand it in your area. With very little work, anyone can do it. With just half an hour of effort a week, spreading awareness, inviting neighbors and strangers to join in, in 2 years you will have achieved enough activity for it to function almost by itself. You will have made a difference in the history of your town and the world.

100% gift economy!
A virtual space that can also be used as a resource-bank, a service network, a transportation network and a lodging network. is the world's fastest growing free-sharing platform, where members share their items, knowledge and talents freely with other members. It's like eBay or Fiverr – but without the money part! Sharebay is a global, map-based searchable database of free goods and services offered by its members. It's not a trade or credit system, and it's completely free to use. Everything is offered without condition. If you have something to offer, offer it. If you find something you need, it's yours!

There is a dedicated Sharebay section here.


Gift Economy
Virtual space

It is a very complete and shiny app with localization that includes the ability to create groups of friends. It has a system of points to encourage people to contribute giving gifts or inviting people to the app. It also has partnered with a delivery company to facilitate long distance gifting.

100% gift economy!
Virtual space

Created by Alabs, is a website where you give away and look for free second-hand gifts: furniture, chairs, sofas, bicycles, laptops, tables, kitchens, lamps, beds, clothes, toys, cribs or baby carriages, mobile phones and many other things that you no longer want and no longer need to be reused by other people who can give it a new life. It is organized by municipalities and has tens of thousands of offers of free objects.

Buy Nothing Project
100 Gift economy!
Virtual spaces that can also be used as a resource-bank and service network, transportation network and lodging network.

One of the largest RCGs, it is active in at least 25 countries, 1.2 million users, 6 thousand volunteers in thousands of active groups and growing. It works in a simple way with a Facebook page for each municipality / neighborhood. It encourages the groups to be hyper-local with the aim that they are formed by neighbors who can help each other and get to know each other without transportation. The page is organized so that citizens can make offers and requests to give, share and help. They are in the process of creating their own platform to leave Facebook behind, Buy Nothing Project does not have any financing, it is 100% done by volunteers!

app for android
app for apple
100% gift economy!
Virtual spaces

It is one of the most extensive FCNs. Started in 2003, Freecycle consists of 5,319 groups and 9,145,303 users in 110 countries. Use your own app and website, or Yahoo! Groups, to manage offers and gift orders. It is organized by municipalities and provides practical guides so that anyone can create and manage a new group. The app also incorporates the API of the Trashnothing gift network. Freecycle is a non-profit organization that receives its funding from individual donations, corporate donations, income from advertisements on its page, and grants.

100% Gift Economy!
A virtual space that can also be used as a resource-bank, a service network, a transportation-network, and a lodging network.

Started in Portland Oregon, USA, this Free Collaboration Network, a bit like, is ready to be used anywhere. Designed to connect people to offer and ask for any gift or service and to organize meetings. It can also be used as a resource-bank.

Free Stuff or Give and Take

List of Facebook pages «free stuff»
List of Facebook pages «Give and Take»
100% gift economy!
Virtual spaces
Search for “Free stuff [your municipality or region]” or “Give and take [your municipality or region]” on Facebook to find one near you and try the same in your local language.

There are more than 30 Facebook groups to offer and ask for gifts in different countries, each group with its own particular rules. In general they are very active, with dozens of offers/requests per day, and they are growing rapidly. We estimate that on average they consist of several thousand users per group and add up to several hundred thousand users in total. There are many that have the name in a language other than English so try similar titles in your local language to find one.

Free Your Stuff
100% Gift Economy!
Virtual spaces
Search for “Free your stuff” on Facebook to find them.

They are Facebook groups to offer gifts. There are at least 25 in different countries with thousands or tens of thousands of users per group, hundreds of thousands in total. They are very active counting dozens of daily offers.


app: telodoygratis app
100% Gift Economy!
Virtual spaces

Quite active where there are Spanish speakers. It has several thousand users.


app: trashnothing app
100% Gift Economy!
A virtual space and an API!

It can be integrated into other apps. It has geolocation like, but unlike, you can only see offers close to you. The directory on their website includes groups for Freecycle, Freegle, and Full circle.

Really Really Free Market

List of Gratiferias Facebook pages
List of Zones de Gratuité Facebook pages
Really Really Free Market world calendar
100% gift economy!

Really Really Free Markets are like markets but in which all the products and services offered must be 100% free. Depending on the language of the country, they can be called in different ways. They are festive events where you can also do activities, workshops and offer food and drink. Many are organized through Facebook pages where they publish the calls for them.

Free to use, it is an online market where there is a section for offers and orders for all kinds of free objects or services.
A virtual space

It does not have much free trade activity but it does have a section for it and it is a very well organized virtual space. It could be used as a resource-bank, land-bank, transport-network, aid and accommodation. Of the first markets on the internet, it consists of millions of users all over the world.—- Powered by

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