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 +[[|Incredible Edible Eugene]] is a local horticulture initiative, in the South Willamette Valley, in Oregon in the USA.  We were inspired by Incredible Edible Todmorden in the United Kingdom.  So far we have cooperated in the following local projects.
 +[[|The NCCP Sposored Annie Mim's Community Garden North ]]at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church at 255 Maxwell Rd., Eugene OR.  Here we are growing food for our communities and have a Seed Exchange where seeds can be both exchanged and are also freely available.  [[|There is a series of videos here]], covering our first year of operation.
 +We are also a Seed-Hub for the [[|Cooperative Gardens Commission]].
 +[[|Eugene Permaculture Meetup]], where have both on-line and eventually on-site visits with a Permaculture theme; joining our Meetup group is free.
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