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Open access economy

An open access economy is a proposed alternative method of organising skills and resources in human society.

Rather than access to skills and resources being constrained by the ability to trade or to pay currency, that society promotes a mutual understanding that everyone is fully supported with (at least) their basic living requirements unconditionally.


  • Open - Shared, transparent, decentralised
  • Access - Unrestricted
  • Economy - Management of resources

NB. The term open access is often used to describe an initiative to publish scholarly research under an open (free) license. An 'open access economy' seeks to extend this philosophy to the wider socio-economy.

Social support

At a minimum, all citizens who engage in an open access economy understand the following two fundamentals:

  1. That they are fully supported by their community
  2. That they participate in supporting their community

Central to the premise of an open access economy is prioritizing group interest over self-interest so as to minimize the negative effects of our actions on the environment and each other to instead working towards maximizing the creation of a better life and safer planet to live on for all.

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