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Resource-based economy

A resource-based economy, proposed by The Venus Project, or a natural law resource-based economy as proposed by The Zeitgeist Movement and others, is a very similar idea to an open access economy, so it's worth mentioning here and outlining similarities and differences in the theories.


A resource-based economy also advocates a world beyond a market system, without money or borders.


Although Jacque Fresco, the person who coined the term “resource-based economy” said: “I am interested in all aspects of the earth and people, people mostly. I'm not too interested in technology, although it may seem I may advocate that”1). While advocates for an RBE call for the use of science and applying a systems approach to creating a better living and social environment, thus facilitating a transgression beyond money and markets, they focus mostly on the application of technology to produce an abundance.

An open access economy focuses more on the social sciences and on leveraging systems and culture already in place, such as community initiatives, sharing and volunteering while promoting a primary value shift and behavioural adjustment. When brought to scale and used together with available technology, it is believed these core value shifts at an individual level will create new patterns of behaviour that can render explicit trade systems obsolete.

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