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Service Networks

Service networks are designed for skills and opportunities to use them to find each other. If you need help with something, advice, an extra hand, a teacher or if you are looking for a place to be helpful, these are where to find what you are looking for.

Global for help to withdraw from psychiatric drugs

Create a team on (a service marketplace where you can offer free services)

Social generosity network

Exchange of services/Time banks

These are not gift economies. They are markets of services. Some are community credit networks where people offer skills and services for mutual credit. The hours you have worked are counted so that you can request the same number of hours from another person. We include them here to show support for alternatives to the monopoly of official currency markets.

Timebank directory
Time Bank Directory
Global market of complimentary currencies and credits that include time-banks:



Prestem Temps
A phone-chat group, to enter ask at 629918425


A marketplace that includes people looking for or offering free services


Lincoln County

Rebuild Together
Housing repair


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