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Welcome to the Open Access Economy wiki

This is a community-sourced documentation relating to the theory of an open access economy. Here you will find many articles detailing all aspects of the theory.

What is an open access economy?

An open access economy is a proposed alternative method of organising human society without the limitations of trade and markets, instead leveraging existing community structures and technology to ensure (at a minimum) that every person's needs are met without condition, while also maximizing preservation of living systems.

Proponents of an open access economy believe that the vast majority of social and environmental problems today such as poverty, poor health and nutrition, many forms of crime and mental illness, environmental pollution and waste are intrinsically linked to our market trading system, which - from a technological standpoint - may now be obsolete.

This website

This website is a non-technical, accessible guide to understanding how a post-market, open access economy might work.

It's also a wiki - which means that it can be added to, improved on and edited by anyone. Our mission is to create comprehensive documentation detailing the concept, why it's necessary, why it's better, how it works, and how we go about implementing it.

If you are a proponent of an open access or resource-based economy, we invite you to create an account and collaborate with us in building a credible knowledge-base for an idea that, we think, has the capacity to improve the lives of every person on the planet.

NB. Please respect our community guidelines when contributing to this site.

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