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Unversal Basic Access

A political proposal for city councils and a governments to stop being corrupt looking for ways to make money. It involves the realization that making life easier for the people is their main function. Then we see that this is done by facilitating access to the basic necessities of life. Investments are made at the municipal or territorial level to, very economically, provide accommodation, food, health care, education and energy, Internet, clothing, transportation to all for free, without administrative complications (paperwork). That frees people to have a dignified and free life to be able to dedicate themselves to improving themselves, to pursue their dreams and to seek how they can help others without having to submit to a dictatorrial “job”, all day. Universal Basic Access is the combination of the proposals of Universal Basic Services and Universal Basic Income. It considers access to be what matters without excluding the access to money.

Here are some sites focusing on these proposals:

Unconditional Universal Basic Income:—- Powered by

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