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-====== ​Open access directives ​====== +====== ​Transition proposals ​====== 
-This page will be about potential ​government-level ​initiatives ​to provide free goods and services ​(Universal Basic Services)+ 
 +[[https://​​wiki/​Universal_basic_services|Universal basic services]], a [[https://​​9YXVT6gPbPQ|proposed]] ​government-level ​initiative ​to provide free goods and services. This includes free food, housing, transport, healthcare, education and communications. 
 +[[https://​|Copiosis]],​ a [[https://​​aQSYgCUAP_I|proposed]] economic system which suggests basic necessities such as food, housing, clothing, healthcare and education will be made available at no cost to anyone. 
 +[[https://​|Common Planet]], a [[https://​​UaDADilp-4c|proposed]] re-imagining of the control, use, and access to all the land, buildings, houses, and resources on the planet. A [[https://​​plan|plan]] to end global poverty and homelessness which suggests housing will be a guaranteed right.
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