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Transition proposals

There are numerous proposals that can assist with transitioning to an open access economy:


Promoting sharing as an alternative means of economy. If we view trade itself as the driving force of poor motivations and behaviour, then it follows that promoting sharing (as the antithesis of trade) can help forge new behavioural patterns in parallel with the existing trade system.

It is thought that if enough people embrace sharing as an alternative means of economy, then it could some day replace trade entirely. A list of sharing initiatives can be found on the prototyping page.

Unconditional support

Universal Basic Income is a proposed governmental public program for a periodic payment delivered to all on an individual basis without means test or work requirement.

Universal Basic Services is a proposed government-level initiative to provide free goods and services. This includes free food, housing, transport, healthcare, education and communications.

Alternative trade systems

Copiosis is a proposed economic system which suggests basic necessities such as food, housing, clothing, healthcare and education will be made available at no cost to anyone, while luxury items will be accessed through a system of payment based on net benefit to society.

Common Planet is a proposed re-imagining of the control, use, and access to all the land, buildings, houses, and resources on the planet. The plan involves releasing all debts and providing an unconditional income based on age.

Community-based ideas

One Small Town is a proposal by Michael Tellinger of the Ubuntu Liberation Movement to create a prototype community cooperative on which other and larger communities could be modelled.

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