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There are many living examples, tools and methodologies available today that align with an open access economy, either directly and indirectly.

Physical communities

There are many thousands of 'intentional communities' in existence around the world - all with varying degrees of adherence to post-market economic values. The success of these communities also varies wildly depending on the community size, the personnel and challenges they face.

Notable well established communities include Auroville in India and Freetown Christiania in Denmark, but there are many others. Also check the Fellowship for Intentional Community to find intentional communities active in your area.

Websites / apps

The Open Source Community

Most people will be aware of the wealth of free open source software (FOSS) available online. For example, Linux and Ubuntu operating systems, LibreOffice and OpenOffice productivity software, Apache web server, FireFox web browser, Blender 3D graphics suite, GIMP photo editor, etc.

While creators of these software may not always ascribe to the values of a post-market world, using and contributing to this software is a healthy advance in this direction and inspires others to do the same.

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