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Leveraging existing community structures

Although most of society's admin infrastructure is centred around the system of trade, many of these systems can be easily re-purposed to facilitate an open access economy.

Civil service and social programs

The majority of the current activities of state are in maintaining and improving a country and looking after its citizens. Obviously when the 'distractions' of national debt, fiscal budgeting, lobbying and career politics no longer serve a purpose, it would seem sensible that existing state administration departments would continue to operate. The civil workers with most experience are undoubtedly the best people to continue operating those services. 1)

Existing centralised administration can be further improved by unrestricted exchange of information between other non-local and foreign admin departments. Assuming adoption of the open access methodology, there's no reason why these services would even be interrupted. State departments would become the local administrative centres.

Retail areas and stores

Shopping centres, supermarkets and shops don't need to go away just because money does. Supermarkets would be the ideal local stores for commodities in their areas. These could be managed by existing managers - who understand the systems best - but would also be staffed by volunteers as part of their community service.

There would undoubtedly be a reduction in the number of shops as the profit incentive no longer applied. Vacant units could be repurposed into living spaces if necessary.

Resource tracking & inventory

The widespread use of barcoding to facilitate the movement of goods can almost immediately be re-purposed to track resources and gauge supply and demand of commodities without being attached to a trade system. For example, a store that provides goods to an area can use barcode technology to track items in and out of the store and provide essential stock and supply information.

Digital networks and vendors

The internet provides an essential means of instant communication and flow of vital data. Social media sites could continue to provide valuable user interactions, and, under an open access model, would be less proprietary by necessity and could offer valuable social insights freely to all.

Many well established online retailers could easily be re-purposed to the open access model, as they are already populated with user data and have sophisticated warehousing and logistics systems already in place.

Logistics and transport infrastructure

Systems for optimum transport efficiency are already in place and can operate immediately in the open access model.

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While many proponents of post-market economics disagree vehemently with the idea of 'state', it is necessary to mentally separate the positive administrative operations of state from the far less useful attributes of nationalism and war-mongering.
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