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 ====== Prototyping ====== ====== Prototyping ======
 +There are many living examples, tools and methodologies available today that align with an open access economy, either directly and indirectly.
 +===== Physical communities =====
 +There are many thousands of '​intentional communities'​ in existence around the world - all with varying degrees of adherence to post-market economic values. The success of these communities also varies wildly depending on the community size, the personnel and challenges they face.
 +Notable well established communities include [[https://​​|Auroville]] in India and [[https://​​wiki/​Freetown_Christiania|Freetown Christiania]] in Denmark, but there are many others. Also check the [[https://​​|Fellowship for Intentional Community]] to find intentional communities active in your area.
 +===== Websites / apps =====
 +There are many online communities that offer free goods and services sharing across their network:
 +| [[https://​|Freeworlder]] | [[https://​|Streetbank]] | 
 +| [[https://​​|Coeo]] | [[https://​​|Freegle]] |
 +| [[https://​|Helpfulpeeps]] | [[https://​​|Freecycle]] |
 +| [[https://​​|Buy Nothing Project]] | [[https://​|Kindista]] |
 +| [[https://​|Peerby]] | [[https://​​|FoodSharing]] |
 +| [[https://​​|Simbi]] | [[https://​http://​​|Freelender]] |
 +| [[https://​​|OuiShare!]] | [[https://​​|ShareMrkt]] |
 +| [[https://​​nyc-directory/​|Let'​s Collaborate (NYC)]] | [[https://​​ | Mountain Bothies Association]] |
 +| [[https://​​|ConsumoColaborativo (Spanish)]] | [[http://​​|Food is Free Project]] |
 +===== The Open Source Community =====
 +Most people will be aware of the wealth of free open source software (FOSS) available online. For example, [[https://​​|Linux]] and [[https://​​|Ubuntu]] operating systems, [[https://​​|LibreOffice]] and [[https://​​|OpenOffice]] productivity software, [[https://​​|Apache web server]], [[https://​​en-US/​firefox/​|FireFox web browser]], [[https://​​|Blender 3D graphics suite]], [[https://​​|GIMP photo editor]], etc.
 +While creators of these software may not always ascribe to the values of a post-market world, using and contributing to this software is a healthy advance in this direction and inspires others to do the same.
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