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Catalonia gift networks

La Recicleria Digital
Free to use, it can be used without trade although it also allows bartering it prohibits the use of any currency.
Virtual spaces that can also be used as a resource-bank, transportation-network or lodging-networks.

Active in Camp de Tarragona, Barcelona, Central Catalonia, Girona and the Penedès. It consists of hundreds of users who organize different Telegram groups according to the area and according to the type of collaboration, gifts, offers, barter and calls for events. It is preparing to spread throughout Spain.

No ho llenço, ho vols gratis?
100% Gift Economy!
A virtual space

A Facebook group to give gifts. In the offer you must say what municipality you are from. It consists of more than 5.5 thousand users and growing. It is very active with several offers a day.


Reutilitza’t Arbúcies
100% Gift Economy!
A virtual space that can also be used as a resource-bank or transport network or lodging network.

It is a very active Facebook group with more than 2000 users.

Baix Gaià

RID Baix G
100% Gift Economy!
To enter, ask 629918425
Virtual space

A WhatsApp group strictly for gifting and asking for gifts, consisting of 25 users.


Economia de Regal Reus
100% Gift Economy!
To enter, ask 629918425
Virtual space

It is a simple WhatsApp group strictly to give and ask for gifts or, periodically, to disseminate other FCNs or events and organizations of the New Human Rights Movement (Gift Society). It is full (257 users), so it does not admit more users unless another user gives up his position because he lives and works in another municipality and has found or starts another gift-network there.

Reus Reutil
It can be used without trading but due to lack of admin and proper dynamization from the beggining it is now mainly for sale.
Virtual space

A Facebook group with more than 450 users. It is not very active, it would benefit from an administrator who would moderate and energize it. It has been invaded and dominated by flea market vendors, it seems to me that much of what is sold is not even second hand (clearly against the initial objective of the group). It is a good example of how commerce ends up eating everything if we do not take measures to protect ourselves.

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