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Global Free Food Networks


Their website
Their app for android
Their iPhone app
100% gift economy!
Virtual space that can also be used as a gift-network to give objects that are not food.

This app is designed to facilitate the connection between those who have food to give and those who want to take it.

Community refrigerators
The app for android
The iPhone app
100% Gift Economy!
Real spaces

This initiative began a few years ago and there are already hundreds of community refrigerators in the world. You can search for one near you in these three directories, using an app or type in your search engine: «community fridge» or «solidarity fridge» together with your municipality or region. These web pages also have guides on how to start one and add it to directories.

Food Not Bombs
100% Gift Economy!
Organization, events.


Write an email to:
the app in german
100% Gift Economy!

A very professional organization that helps anyone who wants to achieve a friendly relationship with nearby entities in their municipality to get the free food that they regularly throw away.

Foodsharing in spanish
100% gift economy!

Pay it forward
Platform of restaurants—- Powered by

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